The ArtGame weekend is getting a makeover in 2014!

The 5th edition of this meeting for experiments in video games celebrate its development and the ArtGame weekend has been muting and redesigned into “Zoo Machines” festival in 2014.

Why ?

It has been redesigned into a festival named “Zoo Machines” to fit closer with our identity: a strong will to discover and sustain new interactive experiences: giving birth to a new breed of games; encouraging discourse around experimental, interdisciplinary and artistic projects; producing new controllers and hybrid games; playing with bodies and space; questioning production models and otherwise thriving on the final frontier of the interactive medium!

We create timelaps for meetings and experiments in games, while sustaining the birth to games breed.

Zoo Machines is not alone in this endeavour. We are working with a network of European partners: w00t in Denmark, Playful Arts Festival in Netherlands, Amaze in Germany…

Zoo Machines displays in two times:

On 7th/8th/9th of November 2014: a program for professionals and creators during a first weekend at L’Imaginarium in Tourcoing

Friday 7th November: one day meetings for discussions, stimulations, with conferences and pitches about, crossovers between creative skills, unveiled concerns on topics ranging from experiments in games, skills, production, through testimonies, case studies or roundtables.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 48hours for prototyping!

On 28th and 29th of November 2014: followed 3 weeks later by an exhibition and playtests of the games prototyped during this initial session. This exhibition will be held at the Natural History Museum and L’Hybride in Lille.