Thanks to all the sponsors of the ArtGame weekend

They made this edition possible !

Thanks to all the participants toot !

They’ve been inventive, daring, and they gave us one of the best edition so far !


Go to “Prototypes 2013” to get information on each prototype, to watch photos and videos
or take a look at this great document that summ it all !


The ArtGame weekend is an indie-game related event. It was the fourth annual edition of a game jam which have started in Paris as a french national game jam where different artists and game developers gathered altogether to prototype weird projects and experimental stuffs in game (the keywords “artgame” was mainly used in the first edition in order to catch artists’ attention and not only game developers community).

This event has given an opportunity to different kind of creators to collaborate on very unique game projects. Between 8 to 12 a year, among them some get good visibility and had a long life few years after the event (e.g. Type Rider, Generations, ). Every year we try to add or modify something in the whole event, it can be the theme, the constraints or the way the event is organized on the weekend or even the material we provide to the participants.

In 2013, we chose to let the 70 participants think up new ways to interact with a game re-using controllers and designing acts of performance. “Think art, Use controllers, Make a game, Play with us!” was the claim of the event.

And amongst all facilities we provide to set up the best creative framework for the participants, the first moment of an ongoing chain of enthusiasm about the Artgame Weekend is made by the venue where the jam took place at L’Imaginairum @La Plaine Images in Tourcoing. The former textile manufactory was rebuilt to an inspiring, modern work space with an amazing area to work, enjoy and to display projects.

The ArtGame Weekend is now produced by Game IN (the professional association for game industry in Northern France and Wallonia) with the precious collaboration of Simon Bachelier (Curator and Member of the indie game collective One Life Remains).